We connect people, customers, partners with technology, and process management. Naturally, we can offer you many years of experience with the best of breed technology.

GBA offers the analysis and optimization of your current communication platform, change management to your new platform, and technical solutions in general for your customer interaction.

  • Our solutions:
  • Voice and Chat Portals.
  • Multichannel Management.
  • Call Center Software Solutions.
  • Quality & Performance Management Solutions.
  • On-Demand Call Center Systems.
  • Cloud-based ACD.
  • IVR Systems.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence.
  • CRM Solutions.

We are able to propose database B2C & B2B from several countries. We analyze your needs: target, volume, etc. We adapt our offer to your project and budget. We use a reliable database for the key to the success of your project; we support your marketing department is doing the right choice.

GBA has developed its own software in order to give you a reliable and efficient follow-up of all your projects wherever the country of production is; we adjust the language, the diagram, the table of statistics for you and each campaign may have its own statistics.

We are also able to archive your data in one of our servers located in several datacenters.

GBA industrializes the practice of quality monitoring: evaluations and assessment quality of the multi-channel interactions between call center agents and customers.

The quality is universally guaranteed regardless of the marketing zone, making the QTS accessible and available to every user. To ensure the high level of quality and practice, coaching and supervision are given to all parts of the package, saving both time, money, and more importantly with a good ROI.