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We manage your reservations, orders, booking information and we are also able to set up quickly - several days - a team in case of emergency; for example a peak of activity during high season period.

We handle calls & email of your customers in order to find the best place which will fit their specific demands (ski, beach, mountain) and their budget.

Of course, our native speakers know very well their own market and geography, so that they will be able to give the most suitable information and will help your customers to make the best choice.

  • Customer service: information, order, booking, after-sales (24/24-7/7).
  • Management of the reservations by post mail, email, or call.
  • Chat: support by chat in order to help your customers with surfing and making a good choice, support in using the payment options as well.
  • Back office: post mail to confirm the trip, invoice, fulfillment payment, etc.
  • Specific team for emergency cases: strike, natural disaster, etc.
  • Telesales of holidays and upsell (insurance, renting of cars, skis, cultural visit, etc)
  • Survey.